Fall Semester Reflections

More time has passed than I originally intended, which is unfortunate, but life ran away from me a bit towards the end of the semester.

So, what has unfolded in the last… two months?

First, the campus job: I made the executive decision to jump ship. It was getting to the point that the students were virtually managing themselves, having to come up with professional solutions on their own without proper training or any expertise in hydroponics to the detriment of the farms and the yields. It was also clear that the IT department was not invested in truly maintaining these gardens, and the fact the hydroponics were just a silly bragging point for the monthly President’s dinner that had pansies on the dessert dishes or some micro greens on the salads. Frankly, that was cringey for me. As someone who actually values holistic nutrition, horticulture and independence from corrupt food systems, and green energy… the flippant nature of this program was disappointing, to say the least. thankfully, the program is coming to end by the spring semester, and I strongly advise them to not renew as they can’t seem to grant it the time and energy it deserves.

I’ve since moved on to verdant pastures, and haven’t looked back.

Not my circus, not my monkeys.

Second, acknowledging the switch in majors: I’ve briefly mentioned it here or there, but long-story-short-version; I’ve finally dropped the Social Science major I’ve been pushing myself to finish since community college for years now, and am relieved to finally relax into a Humanities major. English is now my major – reading and writing come naturally to me, books have always been a balm to my soul. In essence, I wish to focus on further developing and honing my literary and writing skills.

I’m actually excited again to start the spring semester with all my English classes. Two of which are taught by the same professor who has literally raving reviews from every student online and on campus I’ve spoken to about the classes she teaches. Hopefully, that means the spring semester will be more enjoyable than the last. Especially since one class is reading all Jane Austen novels (which I have been meaning to for a years) and both classes have four unexcused absences baked in. Something I truly appreciate, with the start of the semester being cold and flue season, and then the end of the semester being nice weather.

For now, I did well on my finals and passed the last of my Anthro major classes. I am quite happy to be done with it!

Third, hinting at my creative projects.

The first is Raven & Fable, something I am working on part time and allowing to grow, to take shape organically and authentically. Algorithms be damned.

This project includes a podcast in the works, weekly blogging, and eventually video content to complement the former. Raven & Fable is a labor of love, fueled by personal fascinations and the pursuits of creative hobbies as I develop an artistic life and vocation beyond my undergraduate degree. I fully intend to enjoy the process, and work on it full time after graduation!

The second is project StarFall, the soft sci-fi and fantasy blended novel series that has been brewing in the back of my mind for over a decade now. In the last month I’ve bought a 5-subject now dedicated to plot outlining, character development, and world building. Progress is a bit slower than I would like, but with full time classes, jobs, and other interference… I suppose slow progress is better than none at all. I likely may not be able to sit down and write anything until summer. I may not be able to finish writing the series until after graduation.

I don’t intend to worry about editing or even the concept of publishing until the latter end of 2025.

Of course, the holiday season has come and gone. I am grateful for that, always a stressful time loaded with unnecessary family drama. I look forward to the day I no longer have to participate and can quite enjoy my own decor and cooking in my own home. Peacefully!

And so, the preparations for spring semester have commenced – almost done in fact. I’m ready to get back on campus and started at the new job. I was beginning to get restless!

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