About Atalanta

The Multi-Potentialite Creator.

Atalanta Pendragon. Intuitive, Creative, Insightful, Discerning.

In the coastal landscape of Rhode Island, a creative soul dwells quietly crafting a heart-centered life path, while weaving narratives that transcends the boundaries of conventional storytelling and steadfastly ignoring trends or algorithms. With a determination fueled by three decades of life’s trials and triumphs, this dedicated individual, currently pursuing an English major at the University of Rhode Island, has seamlessly transitioned into the realms of imagination and intuition. Amidst the academic pursuit, a profound love for reading and writing has taken center stage, steering the course of a journey that seeks to carve out a transformational existence.

In the crucible of a tumultuous early life, this creator found resilience and inspiration. Now, in her 30s, she has embraced the transmutative power of words, utilizing mediums such as writing, podcasting, videography, and creative printmaking. The creative tapestry she weaves is rich with elements drawn from a lifelong fascination with fantasy, science fiction, mythology, folklore, the supernatural, and the intuitive arts. With a captivating blend of fluidity and mystery, this aspiring writer invites others into a world where imagination knows no bounds. As she traverses the realms of personal myths and human experience, her work offers an artful and enchanting perspective on life’s intricate web.


What’s Next?

Coming Soon 🙂

Bachelor of Arts in English

University of Rhode Island, 2025

Associate of Arts in General Studies

Community College of Rhode Island, 2020

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Ancient wisdom & eco-futurism. Old-growth forests. Vibrant, coastal cities. Misty mornings & foggy evenings. Evening bonfire gatherings. Frothy, creamy tea lattes. Dark chocolate & salted caramel. Cashmere, velvet & silk. The season of Autumn. Honesty. Healthy Communication.


Hustle culture & the obsession with constant productivity. Religious & oppressive dogma. Environmental destruction & climate change denial. The court of public opinions & “cancel culture”. Unnecessary drama. Toxic positivity, projection and bypassing. Situationships.


On campus at the University of RI. At home in her basement studio. Playing in the kitchen. Checking out local hot spots, cafes, restaurants, cozy nooks, libraries, or creative spaces in Newport, Narragansett, East Greenwich, or Westerly. Hiking her local coastal scenery. 


Drinking the tea latte of the day. Voraciously consuming fiction novels. Close reading literature or writing essays for her English classes. Quietly creating art, podcasts, or writing blog posts. Working on project Raven & Fable or project StarFall. Going for long walks. 


Formulating her own custom skin care & hair care. Sewing her own bespoke wardrobe capsule, and exquisite fantasy garb. Printmaking & photography. Developing her knowledge base and expertise. Studying Greek & refreshing her French. Tarot & sidereal astrology.