Atalanta Pendragon


Bridging the ancient past and the present.

Modern humans & modern society baffle me. Ancient cultures and old folkways fascinate me.
So, I now study Anthropology to understand humanity past and present.
My hope is to weave together art, ancient wisdom, historical preservation & cultural conservation in meaningful ways.

Reconciliation of the past can transpire through assimilating living, vibrant histories for a more equitable, effaceable, sustainable future.


Stopped denying my creative nature. I now channel this into hobbies, art, video & writing. I do this for a creative outlet and for YouTube & my blog.


A community college transfer student completing a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology at the University of Rhode Island.


This is how I support myself without relying too heavily on my artistic & content just yet as I finish my undergraduate degree and begin my career.

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