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Welcome, I’m Atalanta!

Thirty-four is the age I committed to pursuing an adolescent dream of a more artful, visionary, harmonious, and fulfilling life. Thirty-five is when I began taking inspired action on that intention with a healthy dose of determination. I’ve pivoted from the unfulfilling stagnation in roles I never wanted for myself, feeling trapped in mediocre relationships, while being tired of a fruitless college experience. I chose to re-direct all that wasted effort of spinning my wheels chasing cultural driven bulls*t in my 20s & have committed to running in the opposite direction!

Shifting gears now has been a liberating and expansive adventure.
By age 36, I am debuting as a full time intuitive, creator, writer, and entrepreneur.
Better a little later than planned, than never striving at all!

The metamorphosis of your life begins with your mental appreciation for the cocoon stage of your journey. The adversities, the struggles, the perils of life are what either destroy your motivation or encourage your transformation to become what you were truly born to be.

DeWayne Owens

Cultivating an Authentic Life


First and foremost, I’ve stopped running from what I am: an intuitive, sensitive, etc. I sense energy and can tap into auras & the Akashic naturally.

Artist & Creator

I’ve also stopped denying my creative nature. I now channel this into digital art & video expression. I do this for a creative outlet and for mostly Patreon!


I’ve had storylines and characters that have haunted me for years. I’ve always hesitated to put them to the page, but it’s time to bring them into reality.


This is how I support myself without relying too heavily on my artistic & intuitive abilities or forcing creativity & intuition to carry my life.

Latest Visions

The Awakening

The Hall of Dreams

Andromedan Sky

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