Atalanta Pendragon

Atalanta is a 30-something undergraduate student in Anthropology at the University of Rhode Island. As she works to complete the rest of her Bachelor’s degree as a Community College of RI transfer student, Atalanta is also pursuing her personal development through creative hobbies, art, and content creation. 

Atalanta’s study of Anthropology focuses on fostering a deeper understanding of humanity past and present. She recognizes that reconciliation of the past can transpire through assimilating a living, vibrant histories which in turn draws out the wisdom from those that have lived before and could lead to building upon what came before in more equitable, effaceable, sustainable ways.

Atalanta also aims to cultivate & encourage the integration of the past which she believes is vital in healing the present social strifes for a better collective future. 

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Associate of Arts in General Studies
Community College of Rhode Island, 2020

Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology
University of Rhode Island, 2025

More About Atalanta

What Atalanta Stands For

Integrity. Honesty. Alignment. Courage. Curiosity. Wild imaginations. The post-scarcity future. Ancient wisdom & eco-futurism. Old-growth forests & river valleys. Vibrant, sustainable cities. Misty mornings & foggy evenings. Forest bathing. Twilight bonfire gatherings with friends. Frothy, creamy tea lattes. Dark chocolate & salted caramel. Cashmere sweaters, delicious velvet & English equestrian boots. The season of Autumn.

What Atalanta Is NOT Here For

Hustle culture & the unhealthy obsession with productivity. Limited two party political systems. Religious theocracy, dogma & propaganda. Environmental destruction & climate change denial. The court of public opinions & “cancel culture”. Unnecessary drama and obnoxious people. Toxic positivity, projection and bypassing. Situationships.

Where You Can Find Her

Exploring southern New England & Boston Proper. On campus at URI. At the local library with her laptop or a book. At home creating art, filming, or writing. Working on a new formulation in the workshop or recipe in the kitchen. Checking out local hot spots, cafes, restaurants, cozy nooks, libraries, or creative spaces. Hiking her local forest.

Atalanta’s Daily Rituals

Study of Anthropology. Drinking the tea latte of the day. Reading a good story with myth & folklore, or listening to a podcast. Art & language study. Playing with a camera, Wacom One tablet, or Yeti microphone. Developing her knowledge base and expertise. Researching, planning, and writing a Fantasy book series.

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