Welcome to My Corner of the Internet

Hello, I’m Atalanta.

Welcome to my little corner of the interwebs. It’s a creative and intimate space where I’m cultivating more authentic & unapologetic self-expression, after decades of suppression due to trauma and toxic influences. It’s been a long, labyrinthine, painful and sometimes confusing journey but I’m slowly coming out the other side. I’m walking my path with far more wisdom, patience, discernment and confidence than I had years ago. It was all hard won, but I’m choosing to persevere and trust in the process.

Flipping the Script.

This creative path I’m on is one I innately, naturally gravitated towards as an innocent, divergent, and artistic child but was diverted towards a path that was strongly suited to the desires of others. I was systematically dissuaded from my own creative dreams and visionary goals, fed a constant stream of negative opinions and rhetoric about starving artists and needing to get a “real job” to support myself financially – as if that was the only thing one should ever focus on in life! No wonder I’m surrounded by such miserable people!

A Bold Choice.

After decades of listening to that depressing drivel to only come up both empty handed and deeply unfulfilled, I decided to tune out the negative Nellies and make bold moves towards my own desires regardless of how other people think or feel about it. Everything that comes forth into this space and other platforms of mine is ultimately geared towards living a more creative life & pursuing a more artistic vocation.

So, With That Being Said…

It is my hope that the people attracted to my space, my personality, or my path are inspired by my process and the work that is created along the way and become an integral part of the Fractal. To become a part of the Fractal check out my other platforms and participate in the unfolding!

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