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With the intention of growing this little blog space into a community and having the capacity to offer better content and digital products in the future, this blog will earn revenue in a few different ways. With that being said, the trust of my readers is incredibly important. Every opinion shared on this blog is my own, unless stated otherwise.


Paid partnerships or any products/experiences that have been gifted by a brand or organization will be appropriately disclosed, usually at the top of the post. Each sponsor is carefully considered and is accepted only on the basis of alignment to the core values and the content of this blog. I will never feature any product or experience on the blog that I myself would not use and do not love. You can trust that anything that I feature or recommend would be things that I personally love and enjoy.  


Additionally, a few of the links across my blog may be affiliate links. I run affiliate marketing through Amazon Associates currently (therefore, this site uses cookies), which means that if you buy something through my recommendation and link, I earn a small percentage as commission. Links to the product do not alter the price in any way.

I will endeavour to mark affiliate links with a plus sign “+”. This does not mean I have been paid to include the marked products but to let readers clearly know those links are affiliate. I may not directly be affiliated with the brands featured.


I want you to know in full confidence that I’m not in the business of trading, selling or distributing any personal data stored through this website – for marketing purposes or any other. To further explain the data storage policies, I’ve tried to break it down for you here in some more detail:

Signing up to this blog via email: Your email address will be stored in my account with my email provider (currently, MailChimp*). This email address will not be used for anything other than sending you the newsletters that you have signed up for, and an occasional promotional details. To opt out of this, please unsubscribe at any time.

Leaving a comment on this blog: By leaving a comment on any of my posts on my blog, your name and email address will be stored on my WordPress account. This information will not be used for anything at all other than for me to see which awesome person has left me a comment! 


There may be more ways to support this blog in the near future and she will keep her community posted. This affords me the possibility to run this blog freely and be a full time creator, so that I can engage with this community daily and focus solely on meaningful content creation!

If you have any questions at all, feel free to drop me a line at atalanta@atalantapendragon.com. Thank you for stopping by the blog!