Change in the Air

I want to shift something in this online space. Namely, the focus of this blog. I’m finding the sole focus on strictly the college experience a bit grating and confining.

I’m not just a college student. I’m not just a non-traditional transfer student who is finally finishing her Bachelor’s degree at a time that diverges from the socially accepted timeline in which most modern humans live their lives. That’s actually been the case for about… 90% of my life experience on this Earth so far… So, yeah.

I have varied interests and other things I would like to explore and pursue. I would like to share the more nuanced, but also broader spectrum of … well, my life. Would that make this a “lifestyle blog”? Honestly, I’m not sure if I would jump to any specific label for whatever my niche flowers into just yet. In a way, this is a place for me to explore, expand, share, connect and grow into who I would like most to become. Along the way to developing my most fulfilling vocation.

I say “vocation” because I’m not just looking for a job to pay bills or a career ladder to climb to… wherever. I want so much more than that.  

I’m also not interested in selling a particular way of life but sharing what I do learn/study. Later teaching about what I’ve learned and experienced may come organically. I aim to accomplish this in thoughtful and digestible ways.

One way I am working on achieving this is another online space I am slowly cultivating over at Rowan & Moss. Rowan & Moss is extremely amorphous and fluid right now. It’s a place I would like to share my journey in delving into and connecting with my Gaelic heritage and deepening my devotional study/ritual practice of Gaelic Polytheism. I also want to weave in my growing fascination with natural formulation, herbalism, and related topics.

Of course, there’s a large part of me that honestly hesitates in this endeavor; I am hyper-aware of the possibility for harsh judgments, persecution, projection, and misinformed/unsolicited opinions that come from sharing something so personal. But there’s an equally large part of me that wants to share these explorations with like-minded and genuinely interested folks and connect on this basis. In essence, create a safe community around these concepts for myself and others.

That will take time, and frankly I’ve been learning to slow down and allow things to take what shape they are meant to as they will.

A colossal lesson in p a t i e n c e.

However, here on this blog, I wish to be more broad and encompass more of daily life and events that may not fall into the realm of Rowan & Moss. Like the adventure of finishing my Bachelor’s degree as an adult transfer student. The process of moving into my new house in a new city and renovating it (it’s over fifty years old and needs some help in the aesthetic department), the process of dealing with mental and physical health (adult ADHD & PCOS), developing that vocation I spoke, and so much more.

I feel this way, I will have more to post about on a weekly basis and feel much less restricted creatively! I can also expand on the type of content and platforms on which I choose to post said content. In other words, I may develop a related podcast or YouTube channel. I’m leaning more towards a podcast as I’m not comfortable being a talking head on a screen. That’s so… boring. Unless people would appreciate slightly longer video content with an overall theme, b-roll, and voiceovers?

First, I need to cultivate a good rhythm with college classes, a part-time job, the home projects, a nephew coming in December. Plus finding the free time to actually write, film, or record and edit. That I will likely have a grasp of by the end of September/October and hope to post more blogs throughout the month.

Keep an eye out for more news on the expanded content and possible channel in the coming months!

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