The Sunday of Summer

A phrase I credit to the Balanced Academic over on YouTube. It definitely struck a chord with me.

It’s essentially a sense that the summer is coming to a close and shortly, the new academic year will dawn for many of us. The industrious part of the year is about to begin. Productivity will become a strong focus for the next 9 to 10 months. It feels like an extended Sunday afternoon before the first day of classes on Monday morning. For me, that’s August 30th. Exactly 26 days from today.

The first week of August already coming to a close, and still much to be done!

My New Student (and Transfer student) Orientation is scheduled for tomorrow, August 5th. Before that, I meet with  Diane Hatton, Student Employment Coordinator at Rhode Island College about my work-study and student employment opportunities. I encourage anyone interesting in finding a job on campus, or qualify for a works study to speak with someone at the Career Center now as it’s still early and jobs will be coming available and snagged rather quickly in the coming weeks.

I’ve also recently received my first COVID-19 vaccine, and have the second scheduled for August 24th. I feel functional with the first shot, just a bit fatigued and some soreness in the upper arm. Others I’ve spoken to have experienced a headache or slight fever. Nothing drastic. I’ve experienced this with previous vaccines, and often no noticeable immune response at all as with the Tdap in 2017. As a RIC student, it’s best to get the vaccine in August before the start of the semester and upload images of your vaccine card to the Medicat Patient Portal as soon as possible. And, if you’re like me, opt-out of school medical insurance if you already have your own viable insurance provider so you can save money and not be charged for something you already have!

And while many students will be moving on to campus the week before classes begin, I will be moving to a new home in Warwick. Ecstatic about moving into a home we own, with our own back yard, garage and driveway, and the whole house to ourselves. Coming from someone who grew up in a renovated 19th century farmhouse in Massachusetts and then spent the last decade or so renting… I can honestly conclude that I am not designed for renting and do not thrive that way. I need my own space, to with as I please, and not have neighbors literally right next to me all the time! This change will make working and studying much easier. However, I do wish good luck to everyone moving into the dorms on campus. May the move be smooth and may you settle in well to campus life.

On that note, the next two to three weeks will be packing, cleaning, and sourcing the rest of my supplies for the new semester. Likely the topic of the next blog post, possibly with photos for the aesthetically inclined.

See you soon!

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