The Countdown Begins : Fall Semester

The fall semester begins Monday, August 30th this year.

Have you finished your enrollment, yet?

I still have to do to Orientation, speak to my advisor, and register for classes. Thankfully, it’s all scheduled for the same day and time… so all I can do at this point is sit on my hands, at least when it comes to moving any of that forward.

Instead, I will focus on getting vaccinated and obtaining my immunization records from my current physician to upload to myRIC account once I’m registered for classes. That includes proof of the COVID-19 vaccines. Whether or not you believe in COVID or agree with vaccines, if you are going to be a student at any college in the state of Rhode Island (and likely elsewhere) you will be required to be fully vaccinated to set foot on campus, and there may be a financial penalty for those who refuse, as much as $1,500 extra per semester. As far as I know (and I will update that if I become aware of any changes) there are few exemptions that will be legitimate enough to be accepted by the college, one of them being a medical exemption with a physician’s written and signed approval. If you are granted an exemption, you may be required to wear a proper mask at all times while on campus for the semester.

Whether or not I agree with this practice isn’t relevant, but passing on the information to others is important. I aim to spread knowledge so those who come across my content can make more informed decisions for themselves.

So, moving forward!

Aside from all that, I’m meeting with RIC’s Career Development Center for help with finding a work study or student employment on or near campus. If you’re doing the same I strongly recommend calling them directly or scheduling an appoint through StarFish if your account has been set up, as soon as possible! Don’t wait until a week before the start of the semester, or even after semester starts as campus jobs and internships fill up quickly!

In between that I am slowly working on gathering supplies for the fall semester, prepping a bullet journal for the academic year and setting up my Trello. The study space will lag a bit as I’ll be moving the first week of classes but my hope is that I can take my time in setting up my new bedroom and study space in between classes, coursework, and a part time job while I also make college and career related content all the way.

Of course, I plan to continue updates on the enrollment process, getting ready for the start of semester and more in the coming weeks. Keep a look out for more content coming soon.

I wish everyone good luck during enrollment and class registration, may the process go smoothly!

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