Transferring to Rhode Island College

In the previous post, I had withdrawn from the University of Rhode Island for several reasons. The majority of them were personal reasons, mostly due to mental health and loss. In the months that followed I have been digesting, integrating, and reflecting over the spring (including working with a therapist), with the intention of going back to college complete the rest of my Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology.

I’ve since decided I would transfer to Rhode Island College (my original ‘first choice’) for this Fall semester. I already contacted RIC about this and they have deferred my Spring application to the autumn, and my student account is still active so I can access everything I need to in order to set up for the new semester over the Summer.

From this point on it’s just taking care of the details, like the $200 enrollment deposit (a full one hundred dollars less the URI!), applying for a part time work study for the small portion of tuition not covered by grants and scholarships, and registering for classes. This semester is about focusing on the rest of the lower level major requirements.

With each of those courses being 4 credits each, in total I’ll be doing the minimum credits for full time (12 credits, or three classes) for the first semester back. The intention is to start there as the Anthropology courses for the major are pretty dense in subject matter and challenging in the material to learn and digest. I would like to also have the time for the work study in between classes and have the time to do coursework after that, and blog here (and over at Rowan & Moss) on the side.

I am planning to study abroad for a Summer semester (2-3 months) in 2022 over in Galway, Ireland at the National University of Ireland. So that process will begin at the end of this Fall semester. The program application deadline is April, but I aim to finish that process and secure funding by January or February of next year. The rest of that will be taken care of by April or May as the semester abroad begins in June.

For the record, the transfer process to Rhode Island College is rather straight forward for those who are curious. RIC uses the Common Application you can find right on the website, typically toward the bottom section of the main pages when you click the Apply button. Make sure to select the Transfer app, as it’s a bit less involved than the freshmen admissions. Once you complete that and submit the app, send over you official transcripts to the Undergraduate admissions. Once you receive your Acceptance letter in the mail, you can set up your student account thought MyRIC and finish the enrollment process. Mostly dealing with financial aid, work study or student employment, paying the enrollment and housing deposits, and then registering for classes. That last step might happen after you’ve met with your advisor, the head of your major department, and go through Orientation.

After that, it’s taking care of supplies and any housing details if you plan to live on campus. I won’t be living on campus as I’m a mature student who already has housing off campus. I will, however, be sharing my adult student essentials and my courses in the coming months.

Looking forward to finishing my degree and sharing that adventure with you!

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