Hello, I'm Atalanta.

I’m a multipotentialite. I’m innately curious, creative, independent, and constantly generating ideas and synthesizing information. I’m always learning because I love to cultivate knowledge, gaining new skills, and grow. I guess you could say I’m a bit of a knowledge junkie. I actually like that particular quality in myself and others ; makes for interesting conversations.

What Am I About?

Okay, I’ll be honest (let’s face it, I’m blunt): I hated school, and the American education system failed me big time. However, rather than moping miserably with a massive chip on my shoulder about the genuinely crappy foundation in schools (especially for Millennials), I’d rather engage in interest-based learning on my own and build out my own education.

Outside of the restrictive curriculums of educational institutions.

I’m a voracious reader. Frankly, obsessed with learning and self-education, as someone who is insanely curious about a plethora of subjects that span the spectrums between the Arts and Sciences. I’m a holistic, independent, lateral thinker who likes to use BOTH sides of my brain. Being all about science OR creativity is.. well, boring.

Why can’t I do both, exactly?

No one have been able to legitimately offer me a satisfactory answer, so I call BS. I can do both, because I said so and I’m willing to learn and apply them as I see fit.

How Do I Identify?

Obviously, I’ve become an autodidact before I even knew the concept existed, or how exactly to define myself as someone who believed in self-education as a multi-passionate polymath.

Then I started the path of accepting the multi-dimensional nature of who I am.

I can’t be boxed into a niche, it stifles me. Screw that.

I’m not a Specialist. Nor do I want to be, nor should I be forced to do so. I don’t say that to knock anyone who is, especially if they love pursuing that path for themselves. It’s valid, it’s relevant. But I will say that the multipotentialite community needs more love and respect. We have our strengths, too, and it’s not our job to prove that to anyone or waste our precious time/energy trying to convince others of our inherent worth. If you can’t recognize that, witness it, and embrace it or value it – that’s YOUR problem!

So, What Do I Do, Then?

I’m working on getting back in touch with the creative aspect of myself that I allowed to get rusty as I tried to live as Society dictated. It was T O R T U R E. I was losing such a huge chunk of who I was to make myself “marketable” to a world that only cares about technology, business, finance, and healthcare these days. I wanted no part of any of those industries.

What an oddball, huh?

Nah, I am as I am and I’m just not willing to settle for mundane and predictable. Blah. I want to integrate my creative side and my intellectual side across my life in a way that way meaningful for me.

So, enter the multipotentialite autodidact lifestyle:

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